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Dust-free Water Erasable Chalkboard (Black)

Brief Introduction on Nanotechnology Dust Free Healthy Chalkboard

There are still numberless teachers and students suffering from chalk dust nowadays. Oily marker, white board marker, projector and such dust free methods are used widely also though they are still harmful to human health. Now Ewell has a revolutionary solution called Nanotechnology Dust Free Healthy Chalkboard and Eco-chalk!

Nanotechnology Dust Free Healthy Chalkboard is easily erasable with wet cloth and writable on wet surface. The board is with UV coating on its surface for abrasion-resisting and adhesive glue on the backside so it can affix on current blackboard conveniently, no need replacing. It can be fixed on any other hard surface also such as glass, wooden board, concrete wall and etc.
Ewell Nanotechnology Dust Free Healthy Chalkboard has been approved and used by many education institutes worldwide since it was launched in market. So far the product has been exported to HongKong, Taiwan, European and American countries and regions.

Board height: 1200mm
Board length: can be customized.

Advantages of Ewell Nanotechnology Dust Free Healthy Chalkboard:
1.  Clean Air: Clean Air in the Classroom without Chalk dust.
2.  Eco, Healthy Environment: Prevent respiratory problem such as asthma, allergy caused by chalk dust.
3.  Durability: Long lasting durability and easy to maintain clean surface.
4.  Price Competition: Easy & Cost-effective mounting on the existing blackboard.
5.  Smooth & Vivid color: Able to write on wet-surface with smooth writing & vivid chalk colors.

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